Tawastia Expedition towards European Alps

Tawastia Expedition was founded 2009 by about ten Finnish men who are interested in mountain climbing and exploring our planet. All founder members live in or near Hämeenlinna, old Finnish town built around the medieval Häme Castle.
    In October 2010 Tawastia Expedition conquered two volcanoes Cotopaxi, 5.897 m, and Chimborazo, 6.310 m, during their month long mountain and jungle trek in Ecuador, South America.
    The goals of the October 2013 expedition are the highest peak of European Alps, Mont Blanc, 4811 metres and the summit of Matterhorn, 4478 metres.
    The members of the group are not professional mountaineers, and the team of this expedition include two physiotherapists, photographer, top athlete, teacher and five executives.